Corporate Profile

Corporate Profile

Canweiss Group Corp. stands as a distinguished and privately held multinational corporation, proudly headquartered in Ontario, Canada. Our focus revolves around the international trade of agricultural products, with a primary specialization in the export of premium-quality hay products.

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Core Values:


We are committed to delivering excellence in the hay industry. From cultivation to distribution, we uphold the highest standards, ensuring that our hay products meet and exceed the expectations of our clients worldwide.


Our business is built on a foundation of integrity. We operate with transparency and ethical principles, fostering trust with our partners, suppliers, and clients.


Embracing innovation is ingrained in our culture. We continually explore cutting-edge technologies and agricultural practices to enhance the quality and sustainability of our hay products.

Global Reach:

Canweiss Group Corp. has cultivated a global presence, establishing a network that spans continents in the international hay trade. Our strategic collaborations and partnerships enable us to efficiently meet the diverse needs of clients around the world, contributing to the development of a robust and interconnected global hay market.